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My name is Andy Glass

Andy was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania before moving to State College, Pennsylvania to study Security & Risk Analysis at The Pennsylvania State Univeristy. After graduation, he moved to Charleston, South Carolina to begin his career with The Boeing Company. In 2017, Andy desired a new adventure, and moved to the Emerald City, Seattle, Washington, where he resides today, now working for Microsoft as a Program Manager.

Andy has always been passionate about photography, shooting mostly with point-and-shoot cameras and cell phones, but in the summer of 2022, he decided to dive into the world of mirrorless cameras when he purchased a Canon EOS R. Ever since then, he has continually worked on his craft in shooting and post-processing.


Now, in 2024, Andy is dedicated to producing images that are not only visually stunning, but also truly capture the essence of the moment for clients in the Pacific Northwest.

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